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Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

The final touch. Even the most decorative boards only come into their own when they have a finish that is just as decorative. You'll find the right edging for every decor in our edging range. Not only are they visually a perfect match, they also come with the same surface finish.

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28031 NM Off-White
Decor picture 27180 BS Mint


27180 BS Mint
Decor picture 20245 NM Ocean


20245 NM Ocean
Decor picture 20244 NM Petrol


20244 NM Petrol
Decor picture 28984 BS Navy Blue

Navy Blue

28984 BS Navy Blue
Decor picture 20216 BS Bordeaux


20216 BS Bordeaux
Decor picture 27181 PE Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

27181 PE Dark Chocolate
Decor picture 27010 BS Terra Grey

Terra Grey

27010 BS Terra Grey
Decor picture 26299 BS Kobalt Grey

Kobalt Grey

26299 BS Kobalt Grey
Decor picture 2166 PE Basalt


2166 PE Basalt
Decor picture 2109 BS Elfenbein


2109 BS Ivory
Decor picture 2112 PE Bright Grey

Bright Grey

2112 PE Bright Grey
Dekorbild 2125 PE Atol Blue

Atol Blue RAL 5005

2125 PE Atol Blue RAL 5005

Zinc RAL 1003

2134 PE Zinc RAL 1003
Decor picture 2149 PE Red

Red RAL 3001

2149 PE Red RAL 3001
Decor picture 2162 PE Graphite Grey

Graphite Grey

2162 PE Graphite Grey
Decor picture 2165 PE Light Grey

Light Grey

2165 PE Light Grey
Decor picture 2171 PE Agat Grey

Agate Grey

2171 PE Agate Grey
Decor picture 2191 PE Grey RAL 7035

Grey RAL 7035

2191 PE Grey RAL 7035
Decor picture 2514 PE Ivory


2514 PE Ivory
Decor picture 2541 PE Jasmine


2541 PE Jasmine
Decor picture 5853 PE Titan


5853 PE Titan
Decor picture 5855 PE Metallic Dark Grey

Metallic Dark Grey

5855 PE Metallic Dark Grey
Decor picture 20240 NM Skin


20240 NM Skin
Decor picture 20241 NM Curry


20241 NM Curry
Decor picture 20551 NM Peach


20551 NM Peach
Decor picture 24230 BS Cobalt Grey

Cobalt Grey

24230 BS Cobalt Grey
Decor picture 26687 NM Pineapple


26687 NM Pineapple
Decor picture 27008 BS Magma


27008 BS Magma

White RAL 9010

1101 BS White RAL 9010

White RAL 9010

1101 PE White RAL 9010

White RAL 9010

1101 SM White RAL 9010

White RAL 9010

1101 AT White RAL 9010

White RAL 9010

1101 AW White RAL 9010


1570 BS Diamond-White


1570 UM Diamond-White


1570 GL Diamond-White


1570 MG Diamond-White


1570 SU Diamond-White

Black RAL 9004

2190 PE Black RAL 9004

Black RAL 9004

2190 AT Black RAL 9004

Black RAL 9004

2190 GL Black RAL 9004

Black RAL 9004

2190 MG Black RAL 9004


2507 UM Magnolia
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2507 BS Magnolia


2507 MG Magnolia


2507 SU Magnolia

Polar White

17005 BS Polar White

Polar White

17005 GL Polar White

Polar White

17005 MG Polar White


26577 BS Pebble


26577 UM Pebble

Lime Grass

25519 BS Lime Grass


27039 BS Nude


27046 BS Canvas


27018 BS Crystal White

Crystal White

27018 UM Crystal White

Crystal White

27018 GL Crystal White

Crystal White

27018 MG Crystal White

Crystal White

27018 SU Crystal White


27045 BS Champagne

Crystal White

27018 DP Crystal White


27045 UM Champagne


27045 GL Champagne


27045 MG Champagne


27045 SU Champagne


27049 BS Caschmere


27049 UM Caschmere


27049 DP Caschmere

Fog Grey

27060 BS Fog Grey

Fog Grey

27060 UM Fog Grey

Fog Grey

27060 DP Fog Grey


27068 NM Silk

Midnight Blue

27080 BS Midnight Blue

Chilli Red

27113 PE Chilli Red


27121 PE Orange


27123 NM Yellow


27165 BS Cabana


27166 BS Taupe


27166 UM Taupe


27166 SU Taupe


27167 BS Viola


27175 BS Turquoise

Soft Green

27178 BS Soft Green

Light Blue

27179 BS Light Blue

Mamba Green

27190 BS Mamba Green


27191 PE Evergreen

Platinum Grey

27193 PE Platinum Grey


28536 BS Lavender


54046 PE Cubanite

Concrete Art Pearl Grey

44375 DP Concrete Art Pearl Grey

Concrete Art Opal Grey

44374 DP Concrete Art Opal Grey

Concrete Art Slate Grey

44405 DP Concrete Art Slate Grey

Concrete Art White

44406 DP Concrete Art White

Concrete Art Platinum

44407 DP Concrete Art Platinum

Oxid Copper Bronze

44408 DP Oxid Copper Bronze


34321 DP Oxide


1106 GL White


1106 MG White

Oak ENDgrain Delight

K5410 RO Oak ENDgrain Delight

Oak ENDgrain Pure

K5411 RO Oak ENDgrain Pure
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Oak ENDgrain Raw

K5412 RO Oak ENDgrain Raw

Eiche ENDgrain Classic

K5414 RO Eiche ENDgrain Classic

Oak ENDgrain Elegance

K5415 RO Oak ENDgrain Elegance

Oak Sanremo Bronze

34141 RV Oak Sanremo Bronze

Makalo Teak

K4342 RM Makalo Teak

Oak Quartz

K4324 SE Oak Quartz

Corona Ash Diamond

K4330 RC Corona Ash Diamond

Corona Ash Nacre

K4331 RC Corona Ash Nacre

Corona Ash Amber

K4332 RC Corona Ash Amber

Makalo Oak

K4340 RM Makalo Oak

Makalo Ash

K4341 RM Makalo Ash

Hemlock Nordique

34032 SV Hemlock Nordique


34033 SV Hemlock

Hemlock Barrique

34034 SV Hemlock Barrique

Elm Lava

34055 SU Elm Lava

Stone Ash

34056 SU Stone Ash

Hemlock Arktique

34092 SV Hemlock Arktique

Oak Sanremo Nature

34136 Oak Sanremo Nature

Oak Sanremo Terra

34137 RV Oak Sanremo Terra

Oak Sanremo Tabacco

34138 RV Oak Sanremo Tabacco

Oak Sanremo Sand

34139 RV Oak Sanremo Sand

Oak Sanremo Classic

34140 RV Oak Sanremo Classic

Rovere Sanremo Crystal

34217 RV Rovere Sanremo Crystal

Elm Sangallo Topaz

34227 SU Elm Sangallo Topaz

Hemlock Sahara

34313 SV Hemlock Sahara

Elm Sangallo Vulcano

34323 SU Elm Sangallo Vulcano

Amber Oak

37727 SE Amber Oak

Oak Platinum

37728 SE Oak Platinum

Oak Brasil

37729 SE Oak Brasil

Ash Highland

37769 SU Ash Highland

Elm Sangallo Terra

37829 SU Elm Sangallo Terra


37965 SU Elm

Cherry Piemont

37967 SU Cherry Piemont

Oak Ontario

35990 AT Oak Ontario

Cottage Pine Stone

K4348 AT Cottage Pine Stone

Cottage Pine Barrique

K4349 AT Cottage Pine Barrique

Native Oak Light

K4410 AW Native Oak Light

Native Oak Antique

K4411 AW Native Oak Antique

Alpine Oak Snow

K4325 AW Alpine Oak Snow

Alpine Oak Stone

K4326 AW Alpine Oak Stone

Oak Mercato

K4337 AW Oak Mercato

Noce Stranelli

K4328 AW Noce Stranelli

Noce Zarello

K4327 NM Noce Zarello

Bartholo Spruce

K4338 AT Bartholo Spruce

Chalete Oak

35252 AT Chalete Oak

Robinia Battistra

K4329 AW Robinia Battistra

Dreiland Oak Sand

K4333 AW Dreiland Oak Sand

Dreiland Oak Tabacco

K4334 AW Dreiland Oak Tabacco

Stadtberg Beech Creme

K4335 NM Stadtberg Beech Creme

Stadtberg Beech Mocca

K4336 NM Stadtberg Beech Mocca

Nordic Maple

K4343 NM Nordic Maple

Iberic Maple

K4344 BS Iberic Maple

Cottage Pine Antique

K4347 AT Cottage Pine Antique

Maple Murnau

3306 BS Maple Murnau


3375 BS Maple

Beech Mangfall

3379 BS Beech Mangfall


3381 PR Beech


3391 BS Beech

Spruce Knotty

3396 PR Spruce Knotty

Maple Vancouver

3440 BS Maple Vancouver

Beech Samerberg

3876 BS Beech Samerberg

Sonoma Oak Light

34038 AT Sonoma Oak Light

Maple Classic

34047 NM Maple Classic

Kodiak Pine

34308 AT Kodiak Pine

Oak Natural

37307 PR Oak Natural

Sapeli Mahogany

37489 BS Sapeli Mahogany

Oak Natural Rough

37511 PR Oak Natural Rough

Wenge Nairobi

37648 AT Wenge Nairobi

Wenge Sansibar

37651 AT Wenge Sansibar

Beech Core

37706 NM Beech Core

Wenge Gondou

37710 BS Wenge Gondou

Oak Amazon

37713 PR Oak Amazon

Moor Oak

37717 AT Moor Oak

Birch Taiga

37737 NM Birch Taiga

Stone Oak

37718 AT Stone Oak

Cherry Cremona

37740 NM Cherry Cremona


37744 AT Lavare

Oak Mongori

37745 AT Oak Mongori


37746 AT Amazon

Noce Palermo

37750 BS Noce Palermo

Noce Sizilia

37755 BS Noce Sizilia


37762 BS Olive


37771 BS Plum

Maple Core

37776 NM Maple Core

Ash Coimbra

37777 AT Ash Coimbra


37782 BS Zingana

Sonoma Oak Truffle

37855 AW Sonoma Oak Truffle


38543 AT Amouk

Oak Wild

38932 PR Oak Wild

Coco Bolo

38995 AT Coco Bolo

Cherry Acero

39345 BS Cherry Acero


34312 BS Navajo

Oxide Age

G004 Oxide Age

Arizona Pine

34232 AT Arizona Pine


37978 DC Mocca


37979 DC Tobacco

White RAL 9016

1106 PE White


3255 PE Turmalin

Walnut Butcher Block

3324 PE Walnut Butcher Block

Casablanca White

3458 PE Casablanca White

Ravenna Gray

3952 PE Ravenna Gray


3953 PE Slate


3990 GL Marbel

Lacano Light Beige

4270 PE Lacano Light Beige

Granito Light

4287 PE Granito Light

Granito Anthracite

4288 PE Granito Anthracite

Grainy White

4972 PE Grainy White

Fairfaced Concrete

34014 MS Fairfaced Concrete


34016 DC Stone

Denver Oak

34234 AT Denver Oak

Laramie Pine

34318 AT Laramie Pine

Marble Nero

36127 GL Marble Nero

Concrete Art

37905 DP Concrete Art


37910 PE Tibur

Marble Astrato

37959 DC Marble Astrato


37982 DC Cyanite

Torreano Anthracite

37984 DC Torreano Anthracite

Marble de Mazi

38057 DC Marble de Mazi

Natural stone

38356 DC Natural stone

Amarello Rose

39580 DC Amarello Rose

Palio Quartz Grey

44319 PE Palio Quartz Grey


47980 DC Arctic


47981 DC Sahara


47981 GL Sahara

Rusty Iron

K4398 DP Rusty Iron

Corten Steel

45274 DC Corten Steel

Oak ENDgrain Cognac

K5413 RO Oak ENDgrain Cognac

The matching edging for every board

Are you looking for the matching edging for your board? Our edgings match the decors in more ways than just the colour. More still: they are available as perfect combinations of decor and surface finish. You will always find the matching edging decor and surface for virtually any kind of board. In other words, the edging doesn't just look like the board, it also feels the same. Kaindl edgings are light-fast and available from just a single roll.