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The basis of good design. Kaindl MDF and HDF boards consist exclusively of wood chippings, waste wood and round wood from thinning work in domestic forests. The wood is chipped, washed, boiled and ground to fibre – all environmentally friendly thanks to an osmosis washing plant and an organic washer. The finished HDF boards are used mainly as carrier materials for Kaindl flooring, while the MDF boards provide a basis for laminated boards.

Kaindl MDF boards

MDF boards provide a basis not only for the Kaindl flooring collection and laminated boards. So-called medium-density fibreboard is also used in the production of doors and windows, in prefab houses and in the furniture industry.

  • Standard: EN 622-5
  • ContiRoll: width 2070 - 2825mm, length 1830 - 6330mm
  • Production thickness: 5.8 - 28mm
  • Qualities: MDF Standard, HDF Low-swelling, HDF Optima