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Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

Resilient designer pieces. They are impact resistant, abrasion-proof and light-fast – as well as totally trendy and stylish: Kaindl worktops. Ranging from natural matt to glossy, these wood and stone decors feel as real as they look thanks to authentic surface structures.

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Product category
Decor name
Decor picture 5853 PE Titan


5853 PE Titan


27018 BS Crystal White

Crystal White

27018 UM Crystal White

Crystal White

27018 DP Crystal White

Concrete Art Pearl Grey

44375 DP Concrete Art Pearl Grey

Concrete Art Opal Grey

44374 DP Concrete Art Opal Grey


34321 DP Oxide


1106 GL White

Eiche ENDgrain Classic

K5414 RO Eiche ENDgrain Classic

Oak Quartz

K4324 SE Oak Quartz

Oak Sanremo Sand

34139 RV Oak Sanremo Sand

Native Oak Light

K4410 AW Native Oak Light

Bartholo Spruce

K4338 AT Bartholo Spruce

Chalete Oak

35252 AT Chalete Oak

Robinia Battistra

K4329 AW Robinia Battistra

Stadtberg Beech Creme

K4335 NM Stadtberg Beech Creme

Cottage Pine Antique

K4347 AT Cottage Pine Antique


3381 PR Beech

Sonoma Oak Light

34038 AT Sonoma Oak Light

Wenge Nairobi

37648 AT Wenge Nairobi

Wenge Gondou

37710 BS Wenge Gondou

Moor Oak

37717 AT Moor Oak


37771 BS Plum


34312 BS Navajo

Oxide Age

G004 Oxide Age

Arizona Pine

34232 AT Arizona Pine


37978 DC Mocca


37979 DC Tobacco

White RAL 9016

1106 PE White


3255 PE Turmalin

Walnut Butcher Block

3324 PE Walnut Butcher Block

Casablanca White

3458 PE Casablanca White

Ravenna Gray

3952 PE Ravenna Gray


3953 PE Slate


3990 GL Marbel

Lacano Light Beige

4270 PE Lacano Light Beige

Granito Light

4287 PE Granito Light

Granito Anthracite

4288 PE Granito Anthracite

Grainy White

4972 PE Grainy White

Fairfaced Concrete

34014 MS Fairfaced Concrete


34016 DC Stone

Denver Oak

34234 AT Denver Oak

Laramie Pine

34318 AT Laramie Pine

Marble Nero

36127 GL Marble Nero

Concrete Art

37905 DP Concrete Art


37910 PE Tibur

Marble Astrato

37959 DC Marble Astrato


37982 DC Cyanite

Torreano Anthracite

37984 DC Torreano Anthracite

Marble de Mazi

38057 DC Marble de Mazi

Natural stone

38356 DC Natural stone

Amarello Rose

39580 DC Amarello Rose

Palio Quartz Grey

44319 PE Palio Quartz Grey


47980 DC Arctic


47981 DC Sahara


47981 GL Sahara

Oak ENDgrain Cognac

K5413 RO Oak ENDgrain Cognac

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Kaindl combines high-quality carrier materials with robust laminates in its worktops to create unique designer pieces. They have many applications outside of the kitchen, too: the worktops characterised by high-quality designs and durability cut a fine figure in clinics and workshops. The topside of the board surface consists of extremely abrasion-proof laminate. It makes them easy to care for, light-fast and safe for food preparation. And your creativity has free rein – regardless of whether you are looking for worktops with a wood, metal, stone or concrete look. Kaindl has the right design and corresponding surface for virtually every conceivable use.