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The final touch. Even the most decorative boards only come into their own when they have a finish that is just as decorative. You'll find the right edging for every decor in our edging range. Not only are they visually a perfect match, they also come with the same surface finish.

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ABS Edging Tapes

The perfect edging for every board: Kaindl ABS edgings are available as decor and surface combinations. The right kind of edging is available for every board.

To the melamine faced boards

The matching edging for every board

Are you looking for the matching edging for your board? Our edgings match the decors in more ways than just the colour. More still: they are available as perfect combinations of decor and surface finish. You will always find the matching edging decor and surface for virtually any kind of board. In other words, the edging doesn't just look like the board, it also feels the same. Kaindl edgings are light-fast and available from just a single roll.