Niche Backsplash

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Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

For a harmonious overall look. Would you like to continue the worktop design, for example, for the kitchen backsplash? The niche back panels of Kaindl in the same decor make it possible. They are suitable for all horizontal applications in modern interior design.

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Product category
Decor name
Decor picture 5853 PE Titan


5853 GT Titan

Crystal White

27018 DP Crystal White

Concrete Art Pearl Grey

44375 DP Concrete Art Pearl Grey

Concrete Art Opal Grey

44374 DP Concrete Art Opal Grey


34321 DP Oxide


1106 GL White
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Oak ENDgrain Raw

K5412 RO Oak ENDgrain Raw

Oak ENDgrain Classic

K5414 RO Oak ENDgrain Classic

Oak Sanremo Sand

34139 RV Oak Sanremo Sand

Native Oak Light

K4410 AW Native Oak Light

Bartholo Spruce

K4338 AT Bartholo Spruce

Chalete Oak

35252 AT Chalete Oak

Robinia Battistra

K4329 AW Robinia Battistra

Cottage Pine Antique

K4347 AT Cottage Pine Antique

Sonoma Oak Light

34038 AT Sonoma Oak Light

Wenge Gondou

37710 BS Wenge Gondou

Moor Oak

37717 AT Moor Oak

Arizona Pine

34232 AT Arizona Pine


37978 DC Mocca


37979 DC Tobacco

White RAL 9016

1106 PE White

Walnut Butcher Block

3324 PE Walnut Butcher Block

Ravenna Gray

3952 PE Ravenna Gray


3953 PE Slate

Granito Anthracite

4288 PE Granito Anthracite

Laramie Pine

34318 AT Laramie Pine

Concrete Art

37905 DP Concrete Art


37910 PE Tibur

Natural stone

38356 DC Natural stone


47980 DC Arctic


47981 DC Sahara

Rusty Iron

K4398 DP Rusty Iron

Corten Steel

45274 DC Corten Steel

Oak ENDgrain Cognac

K5413 RO Oak ENDgrain Cognac
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Walnut Almond Expressive

K4887 AN Walnut Almond Expressive
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Oak Roosevelt

K5284 AN Oak Roosevelt
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Oak Evoke Classic

K4420 IR Oak Evoke Classic
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Oak Evoke Sunset

K5574 IR Oak Evoke Sunset
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Oak Antique Expressive

K4447 HO Oak Antique Expressive
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Hemlock Lava

K4946 SV Hemlock Lava
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Rusty Iron Ocean

K4399 DP Rusty Iron Ocean
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Oxid Dark Brown

K5579 DP Oxid Dark Brown
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Concrete Weave Anthracite

K4453 DP Concrete Weave Anthracite
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Nero Assoluto Scottish

K4891 DC Nero Assoluto Scottish
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Pietra Grey

K4892 DP Pietra Grey
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Atlantic Stone Graphite

K4895 DP Atlantic Stone Graphite
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Black Sky Dark

K5578 DP Black Sky Dark
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K5580 DP Chepe
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45273 DC Oldstone
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K4890 DP Arabescato
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Pietra Grey

K4892 GL Pietra Grey
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Steel Grey Ocean

K4893 DP Steel Grey Ocean
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Steel Grey Coffee

K4894 DP Steel Grey Coffee
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Atlantic Stone Steel

K4896 DP Atlantic Stone Steel
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Black Sky Light

K5577 DP Black Sky Light

Niche backsplash in the same decor

Substrate made of high-quality particleboard P2, 0.3 mm laminate on both the top and bottom, size 4100 x 640 x 15 mm.
Boards are packed individually.

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Wall edging system

The ideal transition. A wall edging system in the same decor enables a harmonious connection between the worktop and backsplash.

In dimensions 4100 x 24 x 16 mm (incl. fixing profile), the wall edging incl. end cap left and right, 2 internal corners, 1 external corner, makes an ideal accessories kit.

To the Wall edging system