The basis of pure enjoyment is harmony between the ingredients. Every detail perfectly chosen. The basis for Kaindl Authentic is classic brushed oak. The variety of surface decors is endless thanks to coloration. Yet the pores and the structure are maintained. A combination of design variety and technical qualities. A joy to see and touch.

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Home is an idyllic place. A place to feel at ease. The perfect floor for a personal oasis of well-being: Kaindl Comfort. Noise-absorbing, warm underfoot, resistant to wear and, last but not least, elastic. Basic ingredient: coloured flooring. Magic ingredient: a thin layer of cork as impact sound insulation beneath the decor. The result: a floor with all the benefits of cork flooring in a natural wood look.

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Creativity leads to innovations never seen before. Kaindl Creative designates playful, colourful motifs, innovative decors that lend character to a room. From the children‘s room to the loft. As tiles, high-gloss or fantasy flooring. Floors enhance the individual character of a room and make it as unique as the decors from Kaindl Creative.

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Solid Pro

Some flooring types should be tough. Especially when they are exposed to heavy use, such as in commercial or public areas. Floors in wet rooms, cellars, hallways, kitchens and workshops should by anything but sensitive. Clearly a case for Kaindl's Solid Pro.
Solid Pro is highly resilient, water-resistant, non-slip and very stable – properties that make it predestined as a rugged stage for real life action. It spites frequent use just as much as wetness and dirt and is insensitive towards friction, scratches, stains and pressure. Despite its resilient character, its foot-warm surface is soft and antibacterial.

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