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Always a step ahead. This motto is a fixed component of Kaindl's corporate culture. That's because we are continuously improving our product world.

As developers and suppliers of innovative flooring and novel interior concepts, we are much sought-after by customers who value quality, design and service. The ideas behind them are borne of the same inventive spirit that transformed a simple sawmill into a globally active industrial enterprise.

Innovations made by Kaindl

Introduction of Oak EVOKE - 2017

Kaindl launches Oak EVOKE on the market, a trendy and natural 1-strip floor decor in various oak shades.

Trend-setting decor development ENDgrain - 2016

The innovative decor concept ENDgrain with end grain elements is characterised by its puristic elegance, authenticity and naturalness.

Development of the decor concept 3in1 - 2015

The combination of three different widths in one board format and in different colour variations enables patterns never seen before and a fascinating overall impression.

International decor highlight Oak Sanremo - 2014

Developed by the Kaindl Team, the decor Oak Sanremo soon advances to an international trend.

Introduction of Natural Touch on both faces - 2013

Anyone who has held a synchronous decor panel in their hands knows that it's look and feel are virtually indistinguishable from those of a real wood product. This is made possible by a sophisticated production technique developed by Kaindl.

Special Fumako, Wood Veneers - 2013

Elegant oak veneer combined with an inexpensive and stable solid wood board. A traditional technique modernised by Kaindl's unique knowledge and competence. There are  any available options. From rustic to calm and dignified. Available in all variants of the impressive Wood Veneers Oak category.

Natural Touch world premiere - 2010

Never before has a floor design come so close to its natural role model. Kaindl launches Natural Touch on the market, a type of laminate flooring with an especially authentic surface.