Wood Veneered Boards


Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

Nature in its most beautiful form. The REALwood collection combines authentic wood veneer with high-quality craftsmanship to bring out the best in the versatile spectrum of modern natural wood boards. Different kinds of carrier boards form the basis. The results are high-quality objects of architecture and design that retain their authentic origin and contribute towards a positive room climate.


The innovation for rustic wood species: a black film replaces the black glue.


The ecological solid wood board made of Oak. A combination of veneer and solid wood.

Veneered board surfaces


using the example of European Oak, cleaned by light sanding:

The area is cleaned by light sanding as preparation for final sanding by the customer and the application of varnishes, oils, etc. On request, we also produce an “unsanded” finish.


using the example of European Oak:

The brushing removes the soft parts of the wood. The hard areas remain. Structures, annual rings, knots and curly grain form a three-dimensional landscape.

Rough Cut

using the example of Ash:

The rough texture of the wood becomes visible and touchable on fine surfaces. Ideal for individual further processing. Ideal for leaving behind your own personal touch. Abrasive nonwovens, abrasive sponges or brushes leave behind traces, enhance the texture and underline the character of the wood.

Wood veneer boards from Kaindl

Be inspired by the variety of natural, high-quality and elegant wood veneers and realise your personal interior design idea. Wood veneer boards from Kaindl are natural, offer a high degree of freedom of design with regard to processing and are ecologically valuable and gentle on resources. Discover Kaindl CHARISMO: a special method makes it possible to apply a planked finish to wood veneer boards in three appealing designs.