From a small sawmill to global player

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Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

From 1897 to the present. Take a look at the history of Kaindl and find out more about major milestones and product innovations.

Establishment Lungötz 1897

Originally founded as a saw mill that very quickly developed into a recognized leader in wood processing.

Establishment Salzburg 1959

In 1962 Kaindl began producing chipboards – and was amongst the first to do so.

Restructuring 1982

Complete restructuring in Lungötz. Becoming a new plant for continuous pressed laminate and worktops.

Big blaze 1989

In 1989 a disastrous major fire almost completely destroyed the Salzburg production works. At a cost totalling some 150 million Euro the Kaindl establishment in Salzburg was rebuilt and modernised.

Laminate flooring 1989

Laminate flooring production comes on stream. Within 10 years Kaindl joins the ranks of the world market leaders.

MDF production plant

In 1999 an MDF plant representing a total investment of 88 million Euro is built within the short space of 6 months on the company-owned land in Salzburg.

Comissioning The Logistics Center Salzburg 2000

The Kaindl Megastore – located immediately next door to the Salzburg production works and providing 40.000 m² of storage space – ensures the smooth-running distribution of the entire stock programme.

Opening of the Kaindl Floor House 2007

Store. Showroom. Competence Center. Offers a completely new dimension of customer communication on 1.200 m².

Comissioning the Floor Factory 2008

Hightech-factory and think tank. Kaindl wood and laminate floors are designed and produced here.

Introduction Natual Touch products 2010

The world's first producer of synchronous decors on melamine faced boards.

Installation of a digital printing system at the plant in Lungötz 2014

Acquistion an Expansion of the Container Terminal in Enns 2015