Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers from experts. Do you have a specific question about the product world of Kaindl? You need technical support? Here you can find FAQs about our flooring products, panels, logistics, the environment and a cooperation with us.


What is the right way to install Kaindl flooring?

Please see the installation instructions on our website.

Can flooring be glued to the base surface?

No, Kaindl flooring is not suitable for full-surface gluing to the base surface. Full-surface gluing will impede the natural swelling and shrinking behaviour of the flooring.

Are the floors suitable for underfloor heating?

Kaindl floors are suitable for use with hot-water underfloor heating systems. However, current knowledge suggests that Kaindl flooring should not be installed in conjunction with electric underfloor heating. Please write to and request the current information leaflet on underfloor heating.

Should carpets be removed?

Carpets must be removed from the base surface before installing Kaindl laminate flooring. Carpets can cause excessive movement in tongue and groove sections. Subsequent material fatigue can result in a difference in height and gaps in the joint.

What should be done if the base surface is uneven?

Any unevenness greater than 3 mm must be ground off or filled.

Why are vapour barriers always necessary?

Applying a vapour barrier to a mineral base surface is mandatory. Omitting the vapour barrier will result in the exchange of moisture with the base surface and can, after the floor has been used for some time, cause the edges to swell and gaps to form due to damage to the tongue and groove connections.

Are movement (expansion) gaps required?

Wood expands ? a 15 mm gap should always be left between panels and walls or other solid elements (heating pipes, pillars). Transition, closing or end profiles should be used between individual rooms.

How large can the maximum installation area be?

Expansion joints are required in rooms larger than 10 metres in the longitudinal direction of the planks and wider than 8 metres in the direction of panel width.

What should I do if panels are damaged?

Kaindl endeavours to find a mutually acceptable solution to any complaint. we therefore kindly ask you to check the panels for visual defects prior to installation. Processed panels are excluded from complaint! Processing must cease immediately as soon as damage is discovered!

Resting time after installation?

Adhesive bonding: wood flooring should be left for >24 hours before it is walked on.
Glueless: the floor can be walked on immediately after installation.

Interior climatic conditions?

The ideal interior climatic conditions for wood flooring are 20-22° and 50-60% relative humidity. Excessive changes in air pressure can cause slight joint gap formation and deformations.

Is laminate flooring suitable for wet-rooms?

Not suitable for wet-rooms.


Who has access to the Kaindl image database?

he Kaindl image database was specifically designed to help our customers create sales documents. Simply use your Kaindl customer number to register.

What file format are the images saved in?

*.jpg or *.tif format, 300 dpi

Which projects does Kaindl sponsor?

Kaindl sees itself as playing a role in the development of the regional area and therefore supports selected projects brought to life to the benefit of Salzburg as living space.

Who can I contact to learn more about Kaindl products?

Simply send an email to and we will send you in return all the pertinent information relating to your request as soon as possible.


What sales structure does Kaindl have?

Kaindl products are sold exclusively via the furniture industry and wholesalers.

Where can the consumer obtain Kaindl products?

The end user can obtain Kaindl products through retail outlets and building supply stores.

How can I locate a suitable Kaindl dealer?

Simply click on Dealer Search and enter your country and postcode to locate your nearest Kaindl dealer.

I would also like to obtain Kaindl products for my subsidiaries abroad.

Kaindl has a working dealer network in most countries. You can find the right partner using the Dealer Search function.

Which certificates, standards or examination certificates do I need as dealer?

Please refer to your contact partner at your retail outlet or contact Kaindl Sales at

Can you provide me with processing information for your products?

Data sheets and processing information are available for most products. Our team of technicians will be pleased to answer any specific questions.

Does Kaindl publish recommended retail prices?

Yes, we publish recommended retail prices.

Are there any samples available?

We will be pleased to end you A4 samples. You can request them directly from our website or request them from your retail dealer.

What minimum orders are required to purchase directly from Kaindl?

Kaindl does not operate direct sales. Please contact your retail dealer.


Does laminate flooring emit formaldehyde? Is that environmentally hazardous?

The laminate flooring we supply consists mainly of wood. The emission of formaldehyde from wood in its natural state lies at around 0.005-0.015 ppm. The emission of formaldehyde from our finished products is far below the legal limit values of Emission Class E1 (< 0,1ppm EN717-1). The emission of formaldehyde from our laminate flooring immediately after production and installation lies at 0.005-0.03ppm. This emission level is not continuous; after six weeks it is down to just one half of these values.

Do Kaindl products contain harmful substances?

Kaindl products are absolutely safe. Kaindl manufactures in compliance with Austrian and European standards and is routinely inspected by institutes of world repute.

What does Kaindl do to reduce transport by road and thus emissions?

Kaindl has transferred transports between the two sites from road to rail and reduced the number of truck journeys by up to 11,000 per year. In addition, a large quantity of raw materials is delivered by rail.

Is Kaindl actively involved in the sustainable cultivation of forests (keyword FSC/PEFC)?

Kaindl is participating in the PEFC Audit in the "Tauern Region" (Region 8).

Are Kaindl products Greenguard certified?

All Kaindl laminate and wood floors are Greenguard certified.


I have ordered Kaindl products through a retail dealer. Can I collect them directly from Kaindl?

This is not possible. As we process around 140 to 160 truck and wagon loads every day (Lungötz + Salzburg) we are unable to organise individual collections for end users and tradesmen.

Does Kaindl deliver from one location worldwide or do you have different distribution centers?

Kaindl supplies customers in 80 countries around the world exclusively from its two sites in Wals near Salzburg and Lungötz.