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Made in Salzburg.

The new Kaindl FLOORING collection – discover now!


Warm, lively and ecologically valuable: With floors of the Veneer Parquet series, you bring nature directly into your living room.

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Surfaces true to nature, unique touch and feel or timeless wood optics? No matter what you choose: These floors are easy to take care of, robust and 100% made in Austria.

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Versatile in application, waterproof, skid-proof and extremely durable: the hard vinyl floor SOLID PRO 4.0 is available in trendy oak and pine colours.

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Kaindl FLOORING collection

We have been developing, producing and selling a constantly growing flooring portfolio for 30 years by now. With the new Kaindl FLOORING collection, we have once more been successfully inspired by nature and we have put creative ideas into practice.


The results are five unique product groups with quite a few new designs. Be inspired!

+O360 Oak KARAT | LM Matt Finish
+O523 Oak NEVERINA | LM Matt Finish
+O252 Oak FRESCO EARTH | LM Matt Finish
+O370 Oak HERITAGE | LM Matt Finish
+P80300 Oak ARTEMINS | LM Matt Finish



Succumbing to the fascination of wood. Its warmth and vibrancy are legendary – no one can resist its harmonious charisma. Wood is unique.

All Veneer Parquet Decors
+K4422 Oak EVOKE CONCRETE | RI Evoke
+K4384 Oak FRESCO LEAVE | RE Endgrain
+K4360 Oak FARCO URBAN | RF Farco Oak
+K4421 Oak EVOKE TREND | RI Evoke



Entering the third dimension. Not only to see but also to feel – never before was a floor design so close to its natural role model.

All Natural Touch Decors
+O451 Pine HARVEST ALASKA | LM Matt finish
+O790 Oak VANITY | HLM-R Distressed Matt Finish Rustical Bevel
+O450 Pine HARVEST ORIGINAL | HLM Distressed Matt Finish
+O571 Concrete CENTUTY | AH Antique Textured
+P80381 Oak SUNRISE | HLM-R Distressed Matt Finish Rustical Bevel



Yearning for the unusual. The innovative decors of the Easy Touch series are a creative statement in reference to urban living.

All Easy Touch Decors
+K4428 Oak NATIVE PLAIN | VS Vintage Sawcut
+K4412 Oak MULTISTRIP TRUE | AV Wire Brushed
+K4415 Oak RECLAIMED BARON | VS Vintage Sawcut
+K4418 Oak OXID FLAIR | VS Vintage Sawcut
+K4427 Pine MADERA BLANDA | VS Vintage Sawcut



A glimpse of nature’s soul. These masterpieces of classic floor design stand out through lifelike surfaces and incomparable authenticity.

All Classic Touch Decores
+SP10 Oak ALPINE | AS Solid
+SP20 Oak AVIS | AS Solid
+SP30 Oak TREA | AS Solid
+SP60 Pine TORRA | AS Solid
+SP70 Oak SION | AS Solid



Strong character with a discreet appearance. Solid Pro is highly resilient, water-resistant, non-slip and very stable – properties that make it predestined as a rugged stage for real life action.

All Solid Pro 4.0 Decors

Premiere of the new Kaindl FLOORING collection at the DOMOTEX trade fair

KAINDL at the DOMOTEX trade fair

The new Kaindl FLOORING collection.

Great Design. Made in Salzburg.

From Fresh to Concrete Art - here you can find the videos of our theme worlds under the motto "New Inspiration for you"

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Innately ecological - a perfectly natural thing

Kaindl's current product range is characterised primarily by its inventiveness and versatility. It continues in the areas of the environment and ecology.

Innately ecological - a perfectly natural thing
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