Waterproof floorings

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Anything but water-shy. With the AQUA PRO technology, Kaindl has developed a completely new generation of waterproof* floorings. Choose from a wide range of diverse decors with authentic look and feel in the product categories AQUA PRO Supreme & Select Natural and Classic or discover floorings with a wooden surface and intelligent protection against moisture. The special feature of these durable floorings is their moisture-resistant organic AQUApro substrate and a special, self-closing tongue and groove profile in combination with a moisture-repellent edge seal.


Waterproof floorings - ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and anteroom

You are looking for a waterproof* laminate flooring or are interested in innovative wooden floorings with moisture protection? Then Kaindl’s new AQUA PRO product range is exactly what you need. Discover the technical highlights of a new generation of floorings, which are not only functional and durable, but are also stylish. Familiar laminate flooring decors of the Supreme and Select product lines have the usual convincing design variety and surface texture. Even a glass of water spilt on the kitchen floor is not a problem for these floorings. Kaindl’s innovative Wood Veneer Parquet floorings with real Oak flair also offer protection against moisture.


*Tested according to NALFA Laminate Surface Swell Test and according to ISO 4760 (Topical moisture resistance — Assembled joint).