Berghof Group of Companies

from science to practice

As a family-owned technology company with a long-term orientation, the Berghof Group of Companies stands for the development and manufacture of innovative products and services in partnership with our clients. Founded in 1966 as a private research institute we can look back on a tradition of transferring scientific insights into entrepreneurial practice. It is characterised by the technical skills of our employees and the broad spectrum of our business activities.
The new company building in Mühlhausen was completed on 15 June, 2012. The new building and its surrounding site offer good prospects of new growth and are a sustainable commitment to the region and its people. The building's interior features Charismo E boards with a European oak veneer.

PlaceMühlhausen, Germany
Area of useDoor and wall panelling
ProductWood-Veneered board, European Oak, Charismo E
ImplementationPfullinger Architekt Bamberg