Resch & Frisch Jausnerei

Bread rolls, coffee & Co. for train travellers

The open and friendly interior design of the new "Jausnerei" opened by bakery chain Resch & Frisch at the main station in Wels offers people travelling by train a place to relax for a while. Cosy seating areas ensure the greatest privacy possible for customers, most of whom are travelling alone or as couples. Vrana Shopdesign GmbH is responsible for the designing the interior which was implemented by carpentry firm Tischlerei Handl.  KAINDL decor board 34140 Oak Sanremo Classic was used for the desk front, table tops and seats.

PlaceWels, Austria
Area of useShopfitting (desk front, table tops, seats)
Product34140 Oak Sanremo Classic
DesignVRANA Shopdesign GmbH | Tischlerei Handl GmbH
ImplementationFebruary 2016