St. Martins Thermal Springs & Lodge Resort


Central Europe's only Thermal Springs & Lodge Resort lies at the edge of the Seewinkel National Park (Burgenland), a part of Europe's last great steppe.
St. Martins Thermal Springs & Lodge was further extended at the end of 2014. The new suites were equipped with Kaindl panels in the form of furniture. American Walnut was selected for the design. Strictest demands were placed on quality and the sheet width of the veneers. The executing carpenters of Hoffmann & Sons accompanied our veneer purchasers to Hamburg to acquire and approve the veneers to make sure every demand was met.

PlaceFrauenkirchen, Burgenland, Austria
Area of useFurniture (fittings, cabinets, wall panels)
ProductVeneered panels, American Walnut
ImplementationWallner Woods St. Pölten, Carpenter Hoffmann & Sons Eisenstadt