Flooring for tough reality

Some flooring types should be tough. Especially when they are exposed to heavy use, such as in commercial or public areas. Floors in wet rooms, cellars, hallways, kitchens and workshops should by anything but sensitive. Clearly a case for Kaindl, Salzburg’s trendsetter for floors and surfaces. Their response to these challenges is SOLID PRO 4.0 – hard vinyl flooring of the latest generation and the youngest product range of Kaindl designer flooring.


SOLID PRO 4.0 is highly resilient, water-resistant, non-slip and very stable – properties that make it predestined as a rugged stage for real life action. It spites frequent use just as much as wetness and dirt and is insensitive towards friction, scratches, stains and pressure. Despite its resilient character, its foot-warm surface is soft and antibacterial.


Strong character with a discreet appearance
SOLID PRO 4.0 hard vinyl flooring has more compelling properties to offer alongside its indestructibility. Seven attractive decor surfaces in various wood colour tones offer something for every taste and design preference. The surface stands out through its pin-sharp decor thanks to HD digital printing that lends the flooring an especially authentic and natural look. It is also conveniently easy to lay – and its low height makes it ideal for renovations and refurbishments.


SOLID PRO 4.0 design floors are located in the middle price segment and come with up to 30 years’ warranty from Kaindl. All SOLID PRO 4.0 floor variants are available immediately from the Kaindl Floor House or specialist retail outlets.


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