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IFN & KAINDL collaborate and speak about Veneer Parquet

IFN & KAINDL collaborate and speak about Veneer Parquet

House exhibition KAINDL FLOORING collection 2018

Impressions from the KAINDL FLOORING collection house exhibition october 2017

KAINDL FLOORING collection Inspirations


We discover new things every day. Art, architecture or nature.

There are no limits to our sources of inspiration.

The Kaindl Design Team has taken on the challenge of creating ideas and setting trends based on these sources.

We want to share them with you.

Be inspired!

Concete Art Inspirations

Puristic lifestyle.

Concrete Art conveys the cool and unadulterated charm of fair-faced concrete. Its reduced aesthetics and minimalistic appearance have undergone a complete reinterpretation. These floors are predestined to turn visionary concepts of urban housing and living into reality. The large selection of mineral colour shades opens up unimagined room for design and goes to show: Concrete Art has become an essential component of contemporary interior design.

Multicolor Inspirations

Colourful selection.

What could be more beautiful than life and all its facets? Multicolor plays with a completely contemporary variety of colours and forms. The natural structure of wood appears as nature intended. Freedom instead of confinement, a zest for life instead of boredom. The colours of nature in all their hues – they are the source of inspiration for the Multicolor theme world. The result is fascinating: seldom does a floor bring such vitality to a room.

Fresh Inspirations

Awaken a zest for life.

That is exactly how one imagines the designs of the Fresh theme world: vibrant, full of energy, young and unusual. Each one of these designs is expressive and visibly inspired by nature. These unique creations are especially worthy of mention. From the ENDgrain decor concept with end grain elements to the FISHbone pattern to various board formats: floors that reinvent themselves time and again.

Life Inspirations

Up close and personal with nature.

Elegant wood floors play the leading role in the Life theme world – highly appreciated by advocates of sustainability. Characterised by a natural wood structure and a variety of harmonious colour shades, they give flight to fantasy and the anticipation of a beautiful home. Ecologically valuable, unique and of the highest quality – an expression of respect for the finite resources of nature.

Plain Inspirations

Noblesse oblige.

They have class – and like to show it. Plain Range products lay claim to timeless beauty and traditional elegance with their credo of simplicity. Conservative here means classic, much in keeping with traditional values and a claim to the highest quality. Rebellion is foreign to their nature. They prefer clear design statements and the power of restraint. Floors for a truly noble appearance. 

Reclaimed Inspirations

The storyteller.

They seem to have already experienced a lot – the designs of the Reclaimed theme world. Visible and palpable traces of processing, clear signs of weathering and other – naturally intentional – used look characteristics. This the voice of the past speaking, matured and aged in dignity. Floors full of honesty, character and consistency, a fashionable vintage feeling completely in tune with the times.  

BOARDS Decor Spectrum LEAD 2017 Presentation

IFN Imagevideo

Our product manager Johannes Schuster explains why we are involved in the IFN