Boards in all colours of the world

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Quality products. Made in Salzburg.
K4948_AN 27045 BS

As diverse as nature

As usual, Kaindl got the inspiration for its plain colours from nature itself. For example, the green “Verde” and “Black Green” tones are calming and familiar. Used in conjunction with a strong “moose green”, the decors are reminiscent of the colour nuances otherwise only seen on a walk through the forest. 

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COLOURline Classic – classic plain colours

From white-grey to jet black, from Polar white to magnolia: Black and white thinking is out of place with Kaindl. Bring colour into the interior with a warm “Sunset Orange” or opt for a discreet “Mana Blue”. Used in a targeted way, with bright colours you can create the required room atmosphere. 


COLOURline Creative – trend colours in the furniture industry

What do decors such as “Black Blue”, “Graphite Grey” or “Basalt” have in common? They have what it takes to become a trendsetter. Whether as a laminate board, decor board or edge – these decors are not only visually unusual.

A particular feature sets the fine and matt surfaces of the Optimatt decors apart from the rest. Thanks to a special antifingerprint coating, unwanted fingermarks no longer stand a chance.

22192 NM & K4421 IR

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Harmonious colour combinations

A gentle champagne tone combined with a natural wood decor? Definitively a stylish colour concept. Different plain decors can also work together well in interior design. You still haven’t got a particular colour and decor combination in mind? Let our colour diversity inspire you. 

K5413 RO & 25737 NM


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BOARDS collection