Apprenticeships at Kaindl

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Aim high – with an apprenticeship at Kaindl. Are you interested in an apprenticeship in a specific craft? Or perhaps in the field of technology or commerce? Would you like an apprenticeship with exciting and interesting tasks and friendly colleagues? Then Kaindl is the right place for you.

Please note the following deadlines if you want to apply for an apprenticeship:

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    1 December 2021

    Start of the application period

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    1 September 2022

    Start of the apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Mechanical Engeneer

Are you not too shy to get dirty?

Luke and Dennis show you, what you can expect in the apprenticeship as a mechanical engeneer

Video Apprenticeship IT Technician & General Business Administration

Leonie & Thomas

Leonie is an apprentice to General Business Administration, Thomas IT technician.

Video Apprenticeship Electrical Engineer

Simon & Ivan

Two of our hard-working electrical engineering apprentices

What you should consider when applying for an apprenticeship

  • General tips

    If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Kaindl, you should aim to convince us during the application process. How to do that? Here are a few tips:

    • Create all your documents on a computer. We do not need any handwritten documents.
    • The following rule applies to your application documents and to an interview: always be yourself, be honest and do not exaggerate.
    • No matter where: spelling mistakes are unacceptable. Ask someone to proofread your documents.
    • Even though your parents are an important source of support for you: show initiative and always contact us yourself.
  • Application letter

    Your application letter should show us why you are the right person for us. You should therefore pay attention to the following:

    • State the apprenticeship you are interested in and why you believe you would be the right apprentice.
    • Tell us something about your interests and convince us of your strengths.
    • Write about your experiences with internships or taster days.
    • One and the same application letter for different companies? Not a good idea. Create your documents specifically for Kaindl as a company.
  • CV

    Your CV will give us an initial impression of you as a person and your experience to date. It should be complete, up to date, free from mistakes and contain the following:

    • Photo
    • First name and surname
    • Date and place of birth
    • Address, telephone number, email address
    • Nationality
    • Education: school education, plus any internships or taster days you have completed
    • Special knowledge (foreign languages, IT skills)
    • Special interests/hobbies
    • Place & Date
    • Signature
  • Job interview

    Have you been invited to an interview? Then prepare yourself well:

    • Pay attention to a well-groomed appearance and clean, appropriate clothing you feel comfortable in. Avoid casual wear such as loud shirts, cropped tops and miniskirts.
    • Find out about Kaindl as a company before your interview.
    • Take your application folder with you to the interview and read through some of the documents again.
    • Be punctual – it's best to arrive five to ten minutes early. Turning up late is not on!
    • Shake hands with your interview partner and introduce yourself by name.
    • Make a mental note of your interview partner's name.
    • Think in advance about possible answers to tricky questions such as "What are your strengths and where have you been able to use them?", "What are your weaknesses? How could you work on them?" or "Why are you interested in an apprenticeship at Kaindl?".
    • Shake your interview partner's hand at the end of the interview and express your thanks for the discussion.

Apprenticeship and university entrance qualification

A practice-oriented apprenticeship and a good general education – kill two birds with one stone with the university entrance qualification for apprentices. If you want to gain a university entrance qualification in parallel to your apprenticeship, it won't cost you a penny. You can find further information on the topic at BFI and WIFI Salzburg.

From apprentice to engineer

Once you have your apprenticeship in the bag, your next step could be a master craftsman's training course. Additionally, it has been possible since 2017 to gain an engineer's degree on the basis of an apprenticeship and subsequent master craftsman qualification. This would put your qualification on an equal footing with a Bachelor's degree. We at Kaindl support this internationally comparable certification and will be pleased to help you improve yourself with our company from a professional and personal viewpoint.

Your application to Kaindl

Not shy to get dirty? Submit your application now via our career portal. We look forward to meeting you.

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Apprenticeships in the fields of technology, skilled trade and administration

Wanted! Apprentices and trainees: Kaindl is a popular vocational training company in Salzburg state and offers a wide variety of apprenticeships at its sites in Salzburg/Wals, Annaberg-Lungötz and Hüttau. Send us an application if you are interested in an apprenticeship in a technological or skilled trade. Kaindl currently has apprenticeship placements for the following trades:  mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, carpenter, general business manager, IT technician, production technician and chemical laboratory technician.