Wood Veneer Parquet

Waterproof* wooden floorings

Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

Real wood flair with moisture protection. Kaindl's exquisite wooden floors are far more than luxurious and natural. The new "Finest Selection" - a team of finely brushed oak floors glazed with natural colors - is a source of enthusiasm. Their matte surface and elegant look from the heart of nature is an experience for all the senses. The innovative feature of all our wooden floors is the intelligent moisture protection. Here, too, Kaindl's intelligent AQUApro technology is behind it, which protects the real wood surface of the floor.

Veneer Parquet: The sustainable alternative to parquet

With the Veneer Parquet series, Kaindl offers authentic wood floors with a real wood veneer as the top layer. The special thing about it: Kaindl combines the natural properties of the raw material wood with the technical refinements of a multi-layer construction. The top layer consists of a 0.6 millimeter wood veneer - the wood comes exclusively from sustainable forestry. The middle layer consists of a high-density fibreboard (HDF), this makes the flooring particularly stable and durable. Thanks to these properties, Veneer Parquet is a resource-saving and sustainable alternative to conventional parquet flooring.

The first waterproof* wooden floor

An important advantage of the floor lies in its innovative AQUApro technology. This ensures that the wooden floor is waterproof. Whether kitchen, bathroom or entryway: Veneer Parquet is easy-to- maintain, impact-resistant, dimensionally stable and at the same time provides warmth and comfort. Installation is very easy, whether installed as a floating floor or direct glued to the sub-floor.


* Tested according to NALFA Laminate Surface Swell Test and according to ISO 4760 (Topical moisture resistance — Assembled joint).