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Sustainability on quiet soles. Kaindl FLOORganic astounds, not only with its integrated impact sound insulation. The new flooring line is more sustainable than ever before. Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen: FLOORganic is the ideal floor for all who attach great importance to ecologically valuable, healthy living and pleasant room acoustics. The floor is quick and easy to lay, it is moisture resistant and remarkably durable. Discover all the advantages and choose from different Oak, Pine, Walnut, and Hickory decors.


A sustainable floor – that's what matters

With our new ecologically valuable flooring line we take yet another, very decisive step in the direction of sustainability. Because with the Eco underlay mat, FLOORganic has an integrated, ecological and moisture resistant impact sound insulation. It is made from organic cellulose and is a fixed part of the board lay-up. Not only the extra impact sound insulation but also the vapour barrier made of plastic become superfluous as a result. The floor is recyclable, CO₂-negative and thus environmentally friendly. The packaging of the boards in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes is also completely without the use of any plastic.



A quiet flooring for pleasant room acoustics

Another advantage of the Eco underlay mat: It reduces the impact sound by 32 percent and thus introduces peace and quiet into the room. That also makes the floor easier to lay, as thanks to the integrated impact sound insulation and vapour barrier, the job is done in one operation. In addition, the organic, watertight substrate and the Eco underlay mat protect the floor from moisture.

Watch the following video and discover even more advantages of Kaindl FLOORganic.

FLOORganic – what is special about the new flooring line

Sustainability & Environment

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