As multi-facetted as nature

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Colourful selection – with Kaindl flooring

The Multicolour inspirational world plays with colours and shapes. The natural wood structure may present itself just the way it is. Freedom instead of constriction, passion for life instead of boredom. A floor rarely adds so much liveliness to a room. The new multi-strip décor makes this possible, too. It is a further development of the Kaindl success story 3in1.

The idea behind it

The colours of nature in all shades – they are the inspirational source for our floors from the multi-colour inspirational world. Have you noticed how many colours you can find on one single branch when it is autumn? All nuances harmoniously join into one whole. Keeping this richness of facets in mind, we at Kaindl continuously put new creative floor décors into practice.


Raumaufnahme Wohnzimmer Laminatboden Classic Touch K4412 Eiche Multistrip True AV

One floor, many facets.

  • Broad range of colours
  • Mix of several plank widths
  • Natural wood structure
  • Lively effect on the room
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Multicolor Inspirations

MULTICOLOR – As multi-facetted as nature | A look behind the scenes at Kaindl

MULTICOLOR For lively rooms

Whether bedroom, dining or living room: the Multicolour floors are especially suitable if you want to create a warm and lively room atmosphere.

You can find floors of the Classic Touch, Easy Touch and Natural Touch categories here. The most diverse surfaces such as oak, pine, hickory and walnut décors are available to choose from.

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MULTICOLOR Ideally combinable

Through the many colour nuances, these floors can be integrated ideally in the interior design.

Combine the floor, e.g. with high-contrast, linear design furniture. This is what amplifies the effect of the strong floor design. There are basically no limits to your design ideas.

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