Solid Pro

Waterproof* and insensitive

Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

Regardless of whether water, scratches, stains, abrasion or pressure: The floorings in the SOLID PRO category are particularly hard wearing. Thanks to the small lay-up height they are also ideally suitable for renovations and promise excellent walking comfort. SOLID Pro is available in 21 trendy Oak, Concrete, Marble and Slate designs in board and tile format. BRAND NEW - the Oak decors in wide board format.

The robust vinyl floor for kitchen, bathroom and entrance hall

Non-slip, waterproof* and inherently stable: a SOLID PRO vinyl floor has a number of advantages in comparison to laminate or parquet flooring. Are you looking for the ideal floor for your conservatory? In that case the SPC (Stone Powder Compound) with noise insulation variant is the right choice. It consists of a mineral carrier board.

* Tested according to NALFA Laminate Surface Swell Test and according to ISO 4760 (Topical moisture resistance — Assembled joint).