Concrete optics reinterpreted

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Quality products. Made in Salzburg.

Puristic lifestyle – with floors by Kaindl

Floors that remind of concrete optics: cool and authentic but still with style. Concrete Art is ideally suited for urban style interior designs.

The idea behind it

Exposed concrete has been considered a modern design element in interior architecture for some time already. With the Concrete Art inspirational world, Kaindl follows up on this trend. Floors are supposed to have a modern, minimalistic or mineral look. This was precisely achieved by the Kaindl design team and it brings an urban feeling for living to the floor with Concrete Art. Many mineral colouring and a large choice of plank formats create a multitude of design options.

Raumaufnahme Wohnzimmer Laminatboden Classic Touch K035 Beton Laval TC

For an urban lifestyle.

  • Modern and timeless
  • Exposed concrete trend reinterpreted
  • Many mineral colouring
  • Easily combinable with wood décors
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Concrete Art Inspirations

Concrete Art – Concrete optics reinterpreted | A look behind the scenes at Kaindl

CONCRETE ART Modern interior design

A modern, minimalistically equipped bar with interior in high-contrast colours: The oak décor FORTRESS KORNBORG is truly accentuated on this photo.

Besides special floor décors, you can also find pine, oak and hickory décors under Concrete Art category. What they have in common is mineral and timeless colouring. By the way:  such a floor can look very good not only in a modern loft but also in a country residence.

CONCRETE ART Perfect for combining

There are many combination possibilities with Concrete Art – for example, with wood décors.

It is like in a city in which modern architecture mixes with nature and traditional structures. The combination of colours and styles makes for a harmonious overall impression.


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