Giant oak trunks. Natural colours. High temperatures, steam, hot water and high pressure create a new spectrum. They darken the hue, change the appearance and forge a special character.

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Recommendations for Oak


Discovering something new is an inherent part of any idea. Kaindl's new collection unites the tried and tested with innovation. Transforms familiar woods into raw materials for new realities through sophisticated processing.n.

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Recommendations for Hardwood


Vibrant colourful interplay. Fascinating depth. An idea can connect different worlds. Just like the Kaindl Exotic range. Nature and high-tech joined to form a unit. A naturally grown material combined with valuable ideas.

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Recommendations for Exotic


Central European classics. Rustic or elegant. With knots or fine stripes. Proven processing methods accentuate features and create a new style. A modern interpretation of traditional wood types. 

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Recommendations for Softwood


Multi-dimensional. Surfaces one can grasp both figuratively and literally. Brushing removes the soft parts of the wood. The hard areas remain as they are. Structures, rings, knots and curls form a three-dimensional landscape. Hilly and valleys.

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Recommendations for Surface


Substrates are often invisible yet nonetheless of decisive importance to the intended use of the product. Wood veneered boards from Kaindl are producible in accordance with your specifications: in different thicknesses, whether light-weight or solid oak, from E0 to flame retardant. You can see an overview here and find the data sheets for individual substrates here.

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Recommendations for Substrate